Sunday, July 15, 2012

We had a few more days of sun after Audrey and her kids left. WOOHOO! Jason and Dan took advantage of it. Jason pressure washed his grandma's house and Dan felt good enough to go up on the roof of our rig and finish cleaning it. The sun stayed out long enough to ripen some blueberries and make the garden grow. There are actually 3 zucchinis and some Early Girl tomatoes on the vines. Now we're back to dreary/gloomy/wet weather. The temp is below what it should be, so says KOMO channel 4 tv. Sure feels like Fall. Dan and I were both bundled up when taking Bella outside. Its been lots of thunder and mist and fog and light winds and dark clouds and wet ground and and and........ Whenever the sun decides to come visit again, I'll have LOTS of blueberries to pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my son Jason pressure washing the front of his grandma's house.

And the east side of the house.
Jason decided that Dan needed a little cooling off. I love the big grin on his face in the next picture.
He thought it was funny and I guess Dan thought it felt good as he later told me that he was pretty warm up there cause the sun was actually doing a good job that day.
And the back of the house.
Jason's grandma, my Mom and Max.
Dan the man.
Jason the hard worker.

Did you really think that I'd forget Bella? Her and this squirrel are having a stare down.
Some of the yummy blueberries that I'll be picking most of the summer.

And a couple of views of the little garden. Corn, tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, and beans.

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