Monday, July 23, 2012

Well, and good morning to everyone. Its the day after mine and my Mom's birthday, July 22nd. Up until then things have just been everyday life. Doing work on our 5th wheel, picking blueberries, playing with Bella, etc. Dan had to caulk the bathroom shower again and it finally quit leaking. He still has one more fan to clean up on the roof. Its slowly getting done. Hes been working in between rain showers and when his back feels good enough to do so. We've had our rig for 6 years now and its like doing maintenance on your stick house. After awhile things just need to be done.  Oh! We did go to the Clearwater Casino for the Friday night seafood buffet. Dan treated me, Mom, my sister Christine, and son Jason. That was quite yummy. Dungeness crab. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I played the penny slots for a bit and came out ahead. WOOHOO for not going in the hole and knowing when to quit!...........Our birthday was quiet and Dan made spaghetti dinner. I didn't have to cook. My brother Jim and his wife Sharon came over and had dinner with us. It was just an all around good day................It just poured and poured and poured rain a few mornings ago. The ground is REALLY saturated now!
Dan picked the first cabbage out of our little garden. I'll be making some potato/cabbage creamed soup with this. Its really a nice heavy head of cabbage!  And, when we enjoy our soup, we'll be thinking of my sister-in-law Cindy who planted the garden before we got back to Bremerton.
Here is my brother Jim and his wife Sharon visiting with Mom on our birthday.

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Donna said...

Oh Patty! Happy Late Birthday! Hope you enjoyed it!
Cool shots!