Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Saturday September 15........And, off we went on our next adventure. We left Bremerton, WA in the morning and did our short travel day. We went from Bremerton to Salem, Oregon. Dan and I just couldn't believe how crowded I-5 is! I think everyone and their mother is out there on the freeway. Crazy. We always go right through the middle of Portland, OR and it wasn't as crowded as being out on the freeway. We stayed at Phoenix RV Park and it was just as noisy as we remembered. Its a nice park and a good stopping place, but the traffic is REALLY noisy. We've been to this park before. Bella was not happy. Of course she is on her leash but she wouldn't even stay outside hardly at all.

Sunday September 16............We traveled more miles today then we usually do. That makes for a longer day. We are such whimpy travlers. LOL LOL. Traveled from Salem to Yreka, California. Bella became restless so we stopped at two rest areas. At the second stop Dan put her on the leash and they went walking. She seen her first deer. I know she wanted to go and check it out. I got a picture of the deer but I sure wish I would have gotten a picture of her staring so intently at it.

Not the best picture of the deer, but this is what she was staring at.
Our rig at the rest area where she seen the deer.
Dan and Bella up on a little hill at the rest area. She seen the deer in the area behind them.
We are staying at Yreka RV Park and we've been here before too. We like this park. It sits up on a small hill above the freeway and it is SO quiet compared to the last park. Bella is very happy here. She could go out with us without being on her leash for awhile. She climbed the small trees and chased some birds. Happy cat! lol lol......Staying here one night.

Monday September 17..........Was a nice ride getting to Susanville, California. Its only a two lane road after you turn off I-5 but its a good road and meanders through some pretty country. Hwy 89 to hwy 44 to hwy 36. We parked at the Lassen County Fairgrounds with electric and water. We were the only ones parked here. Thats always nice. As we were setting up we seen bus upon bus upon bus loads of migrant workers coming into the fairgrounds. We were told that they came from Oregon to pick strawberries. They stay in the buildings around the fairgrounds. Interesting. There were at least 6 buses that we seen. I guess they follow the crops. Anyway, our next destination is Reno for one night.

Tuesday September 18........We arrived in Reno and staying at Grand Sierra Resort. Its not a bad RV park and it was close to Circus Circus. My sister Christine, her friend Sue, and Sue's granddaughter Megan are staying there for a few days. We were able to meet up to see her and collect mail. We all ate at the buffet in the Eldorado. Yummy for such a cheap price. Dan and I were both surprised.

Dan and Christine loosing money. Oh sigh.........
Me, Christine, Sue, and Sue's grandkid Megan
Christine and her buddy Sue......

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