Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz. I can't believe its September 8th and I haven't written or published since 9/1. I'm really slacking. Well, let see. Not very much to write about actually. Just everyday life and still getting "road ready". I got rid of all the rocks that Dan and I have picked up in Arizona for the last 6 years. That was an accomplishment! They've been packed away in a couple of apple crates in my mom's garage. We just can't haul that heavy stuff around with us. They were all cool rocks that we picked up out in the desert when we were out and about on the quad. We've been picking more blackberries to take with us. Dan has managed to get the whole 5th wheel washed. That is a big job! And he buffed out the front so the bugs wouldn't stick so bad as we are traveling........My youngest son Jason had a birthday on 9/3. 38! That made a few of my bones creak from oldness. LOL LOL LOL.....I got a new phone and have been trying to figure it out. That will take awhile. Confusing!!!!!!!!!! Its a smart phone, something I've never had, and its sure smarter then me! LOTS of crap on it! The instruction booklet isn't any help at all. I had to go ask questions at the Verizon store. Told them the booklet sucked, in those words. Instead of having half the booklet in English and then turn it over for Spanish, the whole booklet should have detailed instructions with lots of pictures explaining everything. Explaining all the icons, etc. Just my opinion. And the whole booklet be in English. Maybe I wouldn't have had to go ask questions at the store. As it was, the young woman I was talking with went to fast in explaining stuff, so I slowed her down and took notes. LOL LOL LOL...Oh well, thats how I'll remember is to write stuff down seeing as the booklet didn't reference stuff I wanted to know! Anyway, I got a new phone.....Lets see. I do believe we are leaving Bremerton on Saturday 9/15. Not sure which way we'll be headed to Vegas yet.........Oh, the other reason for not writing is that we had to buy a new router and Dan had a problem installing it. Thats a good excuse. ha! No, really, he did have a hard time and for some reason its changed my blog and I've been having problems with it. I also ran out of the free space for pictures and had to do an upgrade. I can now put lots of pictures on here.......I can't believe the change in the weather! Being outside and playing with Bella after dinner is almost borderline cold now. I've been wearing sweatshirt, hoody, and light gloves as my hands get cold easily. I do believe that Autumn is upon us.........And today is 9/11. I remember exactly where I was when the twin towers were hit. Do you?......Today was laundry day. Its all done except for the folding. Dan did some maintenance on the quad then loaded it into our garage, emptied the black water, washed some windows on our rig, and checked the air pressure in all the 5th wheel tires. And below are some pictures to check out.

Here is Gracie, my 4 year old great-niece. She was the cheerleader for her brother's soccer game.
My great-nephew Caleb is the one in the middle playing soccer. This was the first soccer game of the season and they won 3-0. WOOHOO!
At one time in my life these two women were in my life all the time as I was married to their brother/uncle. My boy's Dad.  Judy, me, and Judy's daughter Tanya.
And we have Judy, me, and Judy's older sister Penny. I'm so glad they came to visit.
Here is my Mom and her grand Raymond.
Raymond and his Aunt Chris.
Bella waiting and watching for a mouse to come out of the bush.
My sister Christine's dog, Max.
Me, Dan, and Jason went to a demo derby. D-derby. Destruction derby. Whatever you wanna call it. Just a few pictures of the wrecked cars. They are fun to watch.

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