Friday, September 28, 2012

Tue/Wed 9/25 and 9/26..........We made the big move, 4 miles, to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We met up with the other workers and the bosses. Dry camped on Tuesday in a big parking lot that is next to the drag strip and across the street from the racetrack.
Dan found out what his assignment is for this race and we were both pretty pleased. First I'll tell ya that he started work for a fella named Pete. He worked about 3 hours helping to set out speed bumps and put out signs around the outer perimeter of the racetrack. He came home for lunch and we moved our rig from the parking lot to the inside of the racetrack. We are now sitting in a premo spot with full hookups. Dan will be working at the gate for the high rollers and owner/drivers. Cool. Too bad its just the truck race (Camping World Truck Race) and not the Sprint race. It would be way cool to have this job and this spot when all our favorite racers are here. Oh well. Its still just too cool to have this spot. After we moved, Dan went back to doing the speed bump and sign thing. After he was done we headed to dinner with all the other workers. We went to the Poker Palace. Older casino. We go there with the other workers and bosses every time Dan works at the track........Now, as I write this, my son Jason and his girlfriend Teresa are in Reno and on their way here to the track. Oh! Bella has gone nutso here. We put her on the leash and took her outside after we got back from dinner. She was in cricket heaven! They are all over the place and she had a great time chasing them!

Dan sitting with La Nore and Bob. The people he works for.
My son Jason and his friend Teresa at the track.
A pretty flower I seen when out walking with Bella.
Thur/Fri 9/27........Jason and Teresa made it here safe and sound. Soon as they got here, I got my hugs, they unloaded their stuff, and we figured out where they were gonna sleep. Then off they went to the "strip" and Freemont Street. They are young and just can't sit still. Too many things to do. Wish I had their energy............Because we can't take our quad out of the garage of our rig(rules we are required to follow), there really wasn't room for the air mattress on the empty half of the garage. So, we lowered the ramp, propped it up, and they slept outside on the ramp. Quite comfy on the air mattress and it was a warm night. Worked out quite well.......I just got done doing my good deed for the day. I made all of Dan's co-workers and the bosses homemade blueberry muffins that Dan and I picked off my Mom's bushes in Bremerton this summer. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Would the track not allow you to take the Quad out and chain it to the back of the trailer after you close the ramp door. The kids would have more privacy and would be safer inside instead of on the ramp.

It's about time.

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

I'm sure its the track's rules. If one person does it, then everyone will want to do the same thing. The storage lot wasn't open for this race. If it had been, then we would have stored it there and set up the garage as a sleeping place.