Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hmmmmm. I see in my last post I wrote Thur/Fri and only one date. Well, you all knew what I meant. So, this is about Friday 9/28..........It was another hot day and a long one for me. I couldn't get my espresso machine to work the last couple of days and I really missed my morning "fix". :-(

Here are some of the heavy haulers coming through the tunnel leading into the infield.
 Dan, hard at work.
 This thing was HUGE. I missed getting a picture of it landing because when Bella heard it coming, she made a mad dash for our rig and wanted in. When it flew over some motor homes, one guy was setting up his awning and the wind or whatever from the copter caused his awning to break.
 Just a picture of our home.
 Dan and one of his bosses, Bob, doing what guys do. Watching the trucks practice.
 Teresa and Jason on top of our rig watching the trucks qualify.
Jason and Teresa headed back to the strip and I guess they walked their legs off and went on some of the big rides in the casinos. One of Dan's assignments was to go pick some vans in Las Vegas somewhere. Vans that are used to give handicap people a lift. He said the traffic was AWFUL!  He looked a little hot and flustered when he got back. I delivered all the blueberry muffins and everyone seemed to be happy getting them. It was a very noisy day. The Camping World trucks were out on the track twice today. They sound like GIANT bees in a BIG swarm. LOL LOL. They are cute little trucks. The heavy haulers came into the infield, one by one. They are nice looking semi trucks but they don't look anything like how the Sprint cup trucks look. They were nice and shiny clean but they are not all "tricked out" like the big guys. It was still fun to watch them all enter through the tunnel. There is so much activity happening for this race but its very small compared to the Nationwide/Sprint races. I'm quite sure there isn't any money made on this race at all...........Jason and Teresa came back from playing and we waited until the sun was long set to throw some boneless pork chops on the barbie.

Just a small note as I write this. Its Saturday 9/29 and I got my espresso machine working this morning. Doing the happy latte dance!!!!

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