Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi there from me and Bella, Miss Princess Cat. hahahahahahahahahaha
Sure looks like home, Bremerton, out there today. Grey, cloudy, and its raining! It started raining yesterday, rained all night, and is raining off an on today. Washing that desert dust right off the truck. WOOHOO! Our truck is shiny grey again, not desert tan. It will look good for awhile anyway. I've taken Bella outside a couple of times. One it drizzled on us and the last time it started to rain big drops. "Ok Mom, lets go in". "Not liking this at all". LOL LOL LOL........Dan finally got to out on a real quad ride for the first time in a very long time. Real quad ride meaning that he went out on the quad trails and not just to the Big Tent and back. He still has somewhat of a head cold, but instead of the mask over his face, he wore a pretty kerchief(has cherries on it and is girlie)that my friend Kittie made for me. hahaha. Hey, whatever works. Guess he couldn't find his kerchief. Anyway, I think he liked getting out and about.......We did drive to Blythe, CA too, since I last wrote. Dan gave up some of his blood so some labs could be done. We'll be going back next week for the results and to talk to a VA head nurse. I have a list of things to tell her....Not really much else happening. Doing some good cleaning inside our rig and got the garage all ready for when my oldest son Michael gets here on 2/6 for a visit.

Got the cot all set up and even some rugs on the floor for Michael's visit. Nice to have a garage that we can turn half of it into a bedroom.
Up early on the "going to Blythe for blood work" day. Took some pictures of the sunrise. This is looking out northwest from the sun to the black clouds.
Still looking out a little more to the west. Look at the shadow our rig casts across the dirt road. Pretty soon the whole sky had black clouds and so the rains came.
Dan took the next 3 pictures of the tarantula that he saw while out on the quad ride. Doesn't look very big to me, but he says it was about 4" from leg to leg.

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