Monday, January 21, 2013

The "Big Tent" opens today, 1/19, in Quartzsite. There is gonna be SO many people going to it. Dan and I won't go until next week to check everything out. First up in the big tent is the vacation and RV show. This brings in TONS of people and sometimes its shoulder to shoulder when trying to walk around in the tent and look at everything. Here is the big tent show dates so you can come and fight for a parking place. hahahahahaha


January 30 - February 3, 2013

February 2 - 3, 2013

Seeing as its getting warm out during the day, finally, I might get on the quad and go up through the dry wash, park, and people watch. It gets pretty interesting. People actually think that they can drive their cars in the wash without getting stuck. I'm thinking the tow people in town make a good amount of money pulling cars and two-wheel drive trucks out of the wash. Oh, and some RV's too. I've been in the wash on the quad a couple of times now since the big tent opened. Once with Diane. The cars and trucks in what is an "always empty" dry wash is tremendous. When Dan and I go check out the big tent, we'll be riding the quad as we can always park close in a small space. Works for me!

The weather has been just wonderful so far. Its been in the low to mid 70's but we still have that old north wind sometimes. Thats ok though. I'm not wearing heavy layers when outside with Bella trying to keep warm. We're still using the heater at night though...........We had another campfire to gather around. This is only the third one. Usually its alot more then that but it had been so cold.

I went out on the quad to check on a geocache for my friend Kathy during one of these nice, warm days and ended up going on a short quad ride. Just the girls, 4 of us. That was fun. Did the maintenance on the geocache and off we went. It was probably one of the dustiest rides I've been on. Guess I really noticed it because I was in the back. Dan and I usually are in the front of the pack. Man oh man! Now I know how everyone felt when they were following us! Dan still has not been out on the quad for a long ride yet as I think hes afraid of relapsing. His first ride will be going to the big tent I'm thinking.

This picture shows I-10 and some of the cars parked under it. Sure hope they could all get out ok.
I drove to the bottom of Q Mountain and parked beside a mine to take the next two pictures. This is looking kind of northwest out to I-10. That little fat guy in the foreground is the horn on the quad.

This is looking out at the big tent. In this picture it doesn't look very big, but I believe its two football fields long. Once you get inside, it is huge.
Just another view from the mine of the sea of white. RVs and RVs and more RVs.
Following Diane through the dry wash. Tyson Wash. The wash is always empty of vehicles and today it looked like a parking lot. This part of the wash wasn't so bad to park on as its nearer to the paved road.
Looking back down the wash. I just know some people were gonna have a hard time getting out of here. Back in the distance, the little peak to the left, is Q Mountain. You'll have to enlarge the picture, but there is a Q on the mountain and a couple of flags at the top. Anyway, I was at the base of that mountain at a mine taking some of the above pictures. Looking at this picture the mountains don't look big and I usually just call them hills, but when you get up close to them, they are some good "wanna be" mountains. LOL LOL LOL......Big hills as compared to real mountains. They are fun to go quad riding in and around them. Lots of trails to explore.

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