Thursday, January 03, 2013

Well, another year has gone by. Time sure flies when you're older. Don't like that one bit. Its still colder then normal. Oh sigh........Dan FINALLY went to see a local doctor here in Quartzsite. They put him on some heavy duty anti-biotic. We'll see what happens now. This doctor was kind of "iffy" in my opinion. She said he had "pneumonia -vs- bronchitis". What? She listened to his chest and told us he had fluid in the lungs. Well, duh. We knew that. We are not doctors but we knew he had a bad chest cold that wouldn't go away. He was running a low grade temperature. Ok. We knew that too. One of his ears is plugged up and she looked at it. "Oh, you have built up wax". "Go home and put peroxide in it and it will be better". Ok fine. She didn't offer to have her assistant take it out for him. She asked Dan lots of questions about his health. When she asked him if she was gonna be his regular doctor here in Quartzsite, he told her that he normally goes to the VA but he just needed to take care of his bad cold. I guess that didn't "set well" with her. "Oh, so I'll only see you for about 8 months of the year". Dan told her "yes". She then told him he better go to the VA then gave him the script for the anti-biotic, and we were out the door. She wanted him full time and she wanted to do all the blood work, etc on him. All he needed was something for his cold. He'll be making an appointment with the VA soon as hes done taking the anti-biotic and hopefully he can get in to see them. This small town doctor was a "band aide" until Dan could go see the VA. And, thats the doctor story. We'll see how Dan is in the next several days.

New Years Eve was very different then all the other ones we've attended here in the desert. For one thing Dan didn't participate like he normally does. He bundled up and sat at the fire for a very short time, ate and visited, then went home. I didn't last until even 10pm. Sad. LOL LOL......Just couldn't stay awake anymore and it was VERY cold out. And so we brought the new year in by being home and almost asleep.

New Years day I went out on the quad with people from our camp. We drove to Dripping Springs. It was about a 30 mile round trip. I was all bundled up and so was everyone else. It wasn't bad out until about the last 1/2 hour of the trip coming back home. It was COLD COLD COLD!!!!! We all had a good time though.

There was only the three rigs. Now there are 8 for now.

Bella seen a lizard run into this hole. "Hmmmmm. Lets see if I can reach it".
Our small group around the New Years Eve campfire.

Dan is sitting in the right background all bundled up with his mask on. He didn't stay out long.
Little stone cabin at Dripping Springs.
Just a few scenery pictures from Dripping Springs. I didn't edit them so they are kind of light. The desert view in these picture is more colorful and pretty then you see here.

Ken, Gale, Gordy, Sonja, Tayla way up the hill.

This season being here in Quartzsite has been very different with Dan being so sick most of the time. Hopefully he'll be back on his feet soon.


JUDYnEd said...

Hi, i've been reading your blog off and on for over a year. We are traveling with a cat too. As this is our first year on the road, we are so excited to be in Q, it is such a large place. Maybe we will see you around as we walk our cat too. If you should happen to see someone pushing a green stroller with a cat aboard just say Hi and that your Bella's Mom and Pops, I'll know who you are. I hope you are feeling better. If you should need help with anything just drop us a line we would be happy to help.
I started a blog before we actually hit the road, but we have been having to dang much fun to take the time to continue blogging.

Hope to see you around!
Judy and Ed

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Judy and Ed....Thanks for comment on my blog. We would love to meet up with you pushing your cat in the stroller but Bella wouldn't be with us. We roam around the desert with her so our cats won't see each other unless they meet out in the desert. I was gonna write you an email but couldn't find one on your blog. I'll go back and check your blog to see if you've updated it from time to time. If we don't meet up in Quartzsite, Dan will be working at the NASCAR race in Vegas.