Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Christmas come and gone. It was too cold to eat outside with a north wind bearing down on us, so we all piled into Ken and Diane's rig to share our feast. A Christmas dinner featuring roast beef. We also had ham/some spicy beans/sweet potatoes/mashed potatoes/gravy/pies/etc. It was most yummy. And, so another Christmas past in the desert. I had made a big pasta salad and donated it to one of the camp hosts out here in the desert. She made plates of food for about 10 tents. Not really sure about the number of people, but I knew that one couple had their 10 year old boy. I guess these are people who are down on their luck and are living the best way they can. I hope they liked their dinners. The 10 year old was asked what he would like for Christmas and he told the camp host, "a blanket and my own pillow". She also got him a hat and gloves. Anyway, I donated and I felt good about doing that.

Now its the countdown to New Years. Not too sure how New Years Eve in the desert will be this time for us. Its been cold out and with Dan having this "hanging on nasty cold and being dizzy and and and", just not sure how it will work if he sits around a campfire. Guess we'll see what happens.

I should have gotten my camera out while all the clouds seem to be hanging out here. There have been some really neat cloud formations that would have made for some good "kodak moments", but most of the time I was way out in the desert walking with Bella and our rig was too far away to "catch the moment". I would carry my camera with me but its big and heavy. Guess I need to invest in a small camera that is pocket size for when I'm out and about.

Going to take the santa suit off my flamingo and put warm stuff on her. She really needs a little sweater. Hmmmm. Maybe I could find a small doggie sweater and improvise getting it on her. You can see that I'm easily entertained. LOL LOL
Its been that cold here, at least Dan and I are cold. Especially at night. Our portable propane heater is going all night. Clicking on and off, adjusting to the temp.

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