Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alrighty then. These pictures were taken with Michael's phone. His phone seems to take some mighty good pictures.

Home sweet home in the desert in Quartzsite, AZ
Me and Michael. I'm seeing lots of grey hair on my head. lol lol
Michael sitting out among the rock formations where General Patton did some of his desert training.
"B" company.
Looks like "D" company.
Very cool how people don't bother the rocks. Its all about part of our history for WWII.
Michael and the rock carin he built.
You can see that it was up on a hill. After we get our quad repaired and when we go riding out to this place again, we'll be able to see Michael's carin from far away. Cool.

Old windmill and water holding tanks.
The watering trough inside the animal pen says 1916.
Always a good place to stop by and explore.
Here is one of the bullets that Michael found out where General Patton's troops did their desert training.
Just laying on the ground among all the critter holes.
Part of the shish kabobs that I made for our "Michael is going back home cookout".
Michael and I went to the bookstore. Interesting place and interesting character that who is the owner. You can read about him and his bookstore by looking up "reader's oasis books" and "Paul Winer Quartzsite". You can see what an interesting man he is. I love his bookstore!

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