Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wow! I'm not being a very good blog writer. I used to write more often, but the brain seems to dictate to me otherwise. LOL LOL........Missing my son Michael. Sure was nice to have him here. Since he left our satellite dish broke. Something Dan couldn't fix. We were without Internet and TV for a couple of days. I DID NOT like that at all. I do LOVE my laptop and TV. We packed up our rig and hauled it into Quartzsite to Satellite Advantage. We got a used dish to "tide us over" until we get the refurbished dish in the middle of March when we come back from Dan working at the NASCAR races. They gave us a good deal so we took it. Figured that with a refurbished dish we could last another 5 or 6 years before we had to find some other way to get Internet and TV. Our dish is from Motosat and they just went out of business, so no more new satellite dishes or tech support. That's sad as we've never had a problem with them helping us with any problem we had. Anyway, I'll be researching other methods for mobile Internet and TV.

We did drive to Lake Havasu and pick up the parts for the quad. Yea for that. Now Dan has to put the shock back on and I guess that's gonna be a chore, but it will happen. I miss not being able to get on the quad and ride into town or just ride out into the desert. I miss the quad like I miss the Internet and TV. Options that are available if I want them.

Now, here is something scary. At least I think so. Dan was getting our rig ready to haul into town and found this spider on the tire under the protective cover that is over them. I've tried to find this spider online to see what it is, but haven't been very successful. Its BUTT UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping that someone reading this will be able to tell me what kind of spider this is.

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Anonymous said...

I believe its a golden huntsman spider