Thursday, March 07, 2013

Not too much happening around the RV lot yet. Its filling up with RV's but so far its pretty quiet. It will get into full swing this weekend when the races are going on. People will have their "camps" set up. bbq's, tables, chairs, race decorations, outdoor mats, etc. Everything set out for the nighttime gatherings and parties. The Budweiser guy is camped in this lot where Dan is working. They know each other from previous years of being here. So far he has given me a Bud baseball cap, so I gave him some fudge that I made a couple of days ago. The racetrack ministry has already been around passing out little litter bags with pamphlets and cookies in it. Free cookies are always good. Working at the gate as Dan is doing always gets ya some perks. Last year some people would bring him a full meal. That worked for me as I didn't have to make dinner. lol lol lol......As I'm writing this, I can hear the Nationwide cars practicing. And, so it all starts........

Here are the people Dan is working with at Gate 7. The two people sitting had to leave because of a family emergency and we wish them well.
Just more pictures of jets. I love the jets except for when they fly over and we're in the middle of trying to hear one of our favorite TV programs. hahahahaha

And, here comes the stealth bomber.

It looks like a UFO flying away from us.
Looking back at our rig. We are the one in the middle.
Here is another view of the almost empty RV lot. Soon it will be full.
Dan cruising across the lot on the golf cart. This will all be full soon too.

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