Friday, March 08, 2013

It rained this morning here at the track. I've been hearing the "drying the track" machines out working. They are quite loud. Dan is in rain gear today.
As I'm writing this, its still real cloudy and a little windy and chilly, but the sun is trying to peek though.

My sister-in-law Cindy, my brother John, and me. They are in Vegas for several days and stopped by the track to see us. Cool.
After John and Cindy left, I started dinner. I opened a can of Cream of Mushroom soup and then turned my back for a couple of minutes to do something else. Look who I found with her nose in the can when I turned back around. I grabbed my camera for a few "Kodak moments".

She must have gotten a piece of mushroom cause she was chewing. It was funny. Had to get out a new can. Next time I open Shroom soup, I'll give her a little bit on a plate so she doesn't get snoopy again. lol lol
Looking out our big living room window for a south to north view of "before the people and rigs".
Same view of the "after the people and rigs".
Looking out the little window in our living room for a west to east view of "before people and rigs".
Same view of "after the people and rigs".
Dan out working in the rain. Most of the time it was a steady sprinkle. Just enough to make ya miserable.

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