Monday, April 22, 2013

Took Bella out for another walk in the desert then put her on the leash and went for a night walk. She REALLY liked that. We wanted to go out in the dark and watch for meteors. There is a meteor shower happening for a couple of more days. Of course I guess its best to view them in pre-dawn. Not! lol lol.......Anyway, Dan seen two and I didn't see any. Bella could hear the burros across the street and the coyotes out in the desert beyond where she had been chasing lizards.

Talking a rest in the shade. Shes not overly fond of the sun or the heat. She had been raised in a "controlled" environment until she was 8 months old. Always in a controlled temperature in the shelter until we got her.
Looking out from the back of the RV park where we think this might be part of a volcanic crater as there are lots of lava rocks laying around.

Bella doing her fire drill. Stop/drop/and roll. She knows the word and most of the time when we say it, she'll drop and roll. Shes funny.
The dreaded cholla. She has never seen one so we kept her away from them. We don't have any right in our spot in Quartzsite where we camp. They are all out farther in the desert.

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