Monday, April 22, 2013

Looks like we're out in the middle of nowhere but about 12 miles back we drove through Tonopah, NV. High elevation for us as we have been under 1000' all winter. Almost 6300' and windy. It wasn't too bad of a drive until we went through Tonopah, then it got rather windy. We made it in one piece to Hawthorne, NV. We're staying at Whiskey Flats RV Park. We've stayed here 4 other times. Right after we got here it got REAL windy. So glad we got off the road when we did. Its calmed down some but there is alot of blowing dust out there. Everything is hazy right now.
OMG! That is something I really didn't wanna see. Glad its way off in the distance.

Hawthorne is the home to the Hawthorne Army Depot. The red, white, and blue things sticking in the ground are all bomb casings. Decorations. You can see the rv park in the background. The park sits across the street from the Depot.
Whiskey Flats RV Park entrance.
Looking out towards where we'll be parking our rig.
Nice parking spot. Bella loves the tree and grass. Looks cold in the background.

Looking at the back of our rig.
And, here comes Dan and Bella back from a walk in the wind.

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