Thursday, April 25, 2013

We are gone from Hawthorne, NV. Did a very short travel day to Fallon, NV. We sure are wimpy travelers, aren't we? LOL LOL LOL...We are at Churchill County Fairgrounds for a couple of nights. A really good travel day, or should I say, a really good few hours. hahahahahahahaha.......No wind, nice and sunny.

Here is Bella just sitting and thinking about what she is gonna do next.
I really like pictures like this. I was sitting at a picnic table and called her name. She was walking with Dan, but when she heard her name, she came running.
This is not too far north of Hawthorne, along side Walker Lake. The sheriff was in the middle of the road when we came around a curve. He directed us to the turnout. He told us that a 17' wide load was coming through.
And here is the wide load.
Churchill County Fairgrounds. We get water and electric for $14.00 a night. Right now we are the only RV parked here. Cool.
Our home on wheels. Bella spotted this tree and tried to climb it. She got up to the knot on the side of the tree, looked up, and decided to come back down. She jumped into Dan's arms and I missed taking a picture of that.
Yup. Looks like a tree Bella would like to climb.
I love this picture. She contemplated going up I think.
I should have paid attention and not turned away, so I missed my shot of her jumping to Dan.
Seeing as we are at a fairgrounds, people are bringing in horses. I can see them in the arena close by where we are parked. Maybe Bella will see the horses. I'd love to see her reaction to them.

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