Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What a nice day today. A little chilly, but nice and sunny. We took Bella out walking and she did some lizard hunting. She knows that the lizards are in the bush and that her Papa is trying to flush them out for her. They are so funny to watch. She never caught any of them. She chased them for awhile then we all went for a walk.

The view of our rig coming back from a long walk.
Bella and Dan walking. Shes really good at staying right with him. Sometimes she turns around to see where I am.

I already posted a picture like this in the last blog entry but take note of the sign in the middle of the grass.
Getting closer to the sign.
And here is Bella right at the sign and wondering if this pertains to her. LOL LOL LOL.........."Animal? What animal? Where is the animal?" I think this is a most excellent picture. Before I took this picture Bella really did a funny. She was back by the tree in the background on the grass. We all seen the camp host driving in his golf cart. She stepped off the grass and onto the gravel road. He passed by us, he waved, and drove on by. Bella was just sitting on the gravel. After he passed by, she went back onto the grass. It was just too funny. Like she really knew what she was doing.....We actually think that the camp host wouldn't tell us to keep Bella off the grass. She won't be "doing her business" on the grass or try and dig it up like a dog would. Of course if the RV park was full we would keep her away from the grass so people wouldn't complain.

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