Thursday, April 18, 2013

We have left Quartzsite. Oh sigh. It was sad to leave the peace and quiet of the desert. Bella is sad to leave her freedom. Shes been cooped up in our rig since we got to Las Vegas. The noise here as compared to where we were is TOTALLY awful. Continuous background traffic and all the noise that happens in the city. We are at the Oasis RV Park. This is the 5th time that we've been here. Last time we were here, Bella went walking on her leash. This time she won't. Dan has carried her in his arms for a short walk, but mostly, shes been inside. Also since we've been here its been too cold to leave the door open so she can look out until today. Its finally warming up a little bit. And also until today, its been windy. We also had wind when driving to get here. I haven't taken any pictures of the park yet. I might. I'm thinking that you if you're interested you can go to
If you go look, we are in #91. We were in this spot last time. Anyway, below are some pictures that I took on our way here.

The road that leads to where we park. We're going the wrong way though. Heading out. :-(

Looking out at the ranger station.
We're passing in front of the ranger station. Now we're looking out at hwy 95, which goes south to Yuma. Across the street is another ranger station.
Going north on hwy 95 heading to the center of Quartzsite.
Just crossing over I-10 to the intersection that is the middle of Quartzsite.
Heading out of Quartzsite. Passing by the RV Pit Stop where we sometimes get our water and propane.
Hwy 95 north. The wonderful Sonoran Desert.
This is California hwy 95. Heading north to Needles, CA

Way off in the distance is Boulder City off to the right and Henderson off to the left. Las Vegas is beyond Henderson. I love the wide open spaces!

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