Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Heading north again to Albany, Oregon. Another short travel day in the life of Dan and Patty and Bella. lol lol....We are at a KOA. Looks like a "mom and pop" park. Bella likes all the trees and grass and new smells. We'll only be here one night. It was a very good travel day. Bright and sunny and no wind.

Heading north and its the first log truck we've seen. We sure don't see any of them in Quartzsite, Arizona!
Just a view of I-5 heading north in Oregon.
Dan and Bella "talking" to each other.
Here we are at the KOA in Albany, Oregon.

Dan and Bella out walking. LOTS of neat stuff for Bella to look at and sniff.
She likes it outside so much. Way different then being in the desert!

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