Sunday, May 05, 2013

Well, since we've been in Oregon, its been pouring rain with thunder and lightning. So I'm not gonna write except to write a little blurb about the pictures. We've already lost power once and I didn't get to save all the pictures I put on here, so I had to start all over again. The weather is still "iffy".

This is out on Hwy 89 going from Susanville to Yreka. Butt break and letting Bella out to explore stuff.
Oh crap. Tall trees.
More tall trees with Mount Shasta I think in the background.
 Heading north on I-5 in California. That is Black Butte in the background.
 Mount Shasta
Not sure what mountain this is. I took the picture after we seen Mount Shasta.
Yreka RV Park in, guess where, yup, Yreka, California. lol lol.......This is the forth time that we've stayed at this park. Bella loved it here. There is a huge field she could run in and she sure took advantage of that!

Pretty little flower all by itself out in the field where Bella was playing.
Looking out over part of Yreka as we were leaving. Its a nice little town.
Yup. The sign says it all.
Not my favorite thing to see as we're going down a 6% grade for 7 miles. The dreaded runaway truck ramp.
We thought this was kind of cool. A mesa out on someones farm. Like a real short Devils Tower. lol lol
My pictures are out of order now, but its all the same place. Seven Feathers Casino RV Park in Canyonville, Oregon. Dan backed into our spot and at the back of our parking place is a pond with all kind of birds and frogs and dragonflies and pond stuff.

Dan and Bella sitting on the bench that overlooks the pond.
Tall trees everywhere. In fact, the first place we tried to park in, the tree was in the way and our satellite dish didn't like that at all.
Another view to the left of the pond.
Our yard for the next couple of days.
There are lots of Rhododendrons all over the park. They are so pretty.

It is a very pretty park. As long as we can get our satellite dish to work, we'll stay here again.

Dan and Bella chillin'..........
I think Bella had one very fleeting thought about trying to climb this tree. hahahahahaha........Not! :-)
Another pretty Rhododendron.

And then the rain came. It didn't just rain. It POURED and STORMED and we had thunder and lightning and the park's electric burped a couple of times. This is why Oregon is so green. LOL LOL LOL LOL.......

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