Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today we are leaving the Muckleshoot Casino parking lot and heading to the Puyallup Fairgrounds. They have full hookups. Big travel day. Almost 14 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha.......We will be there for 4 days and get into Bremerton on Saturday 5/18. Gonna take the time to REALLY clean our rig inside before we sit all summer at home in Bremerton. Once I get home, I get distracted all the time and tend to neglect some stuff. We also wanna finish watching the trial we've been following since January. The Jodi Arias trial. You can look her up. Shes one nasty woman. At the fairground we can watch on HLN tv without getting distracted except for going out with Bella. Probably sounds dumb about wanting to watch the trial, but, oh well.....We seen Dan's mom, Mary, twice while here at the casino. Drove to her place at the assisted living home on Mother's Day and took her to dinner, visited, seen Dan's brother there, then came back home. The next time we drove in a POURING down rain storm to go get her and bring her back here to the casino. Took her to the buffet and she played the penny slots. When we picked her up we took Bella with us. Man oh man@ Bella wasn't happy with that ride. The rain pouring down on the truck sounded awful to her I guess and the windshield wipers were very noisy. We never had to use them down in Quartzsite and she didn't like them. After she calmed down, she rode ok, just like she always does. She was VERY good where Mary lives. I wish I would have taken some pictures of how good she was. Here is what I wrote to my sister Christine about Bella.

"Been another long day. Had a big storm come in. So bad with wind and rain that I lowered the satellite dish. Went to get Mary and brought her back here to Muckleshoot. Took her to the casino buffet and Dan gave her a 20 to put in the penny slots. She did have about 55 bucks, then dwindled it away. Guess she had a good time. We took Bella with us when we went to pick Mary up. Took Bella in where she lives. She walked on the leash going in, but walked along with us without the leash all the way down the hall, down the stairs, along the other hall and out the door. She was slow going because she had to sniff every door in the hall and poke her head in an open door. Shes snoopy. She followed as good as an obedient dog. All we had to say was "come on Bella, this way". Good Bella"..........And, that's the Bella story.

Here is a very good picture of Dan and his mom and a rare picture. Its very hard for me to get her to stop talking and actually smile for a picture. I'll take 10 or so pictures before I get a good one with her chatting. lol lol
Dan with his younger brother Ed.
Dan's mom Mary, sister-in-law Lynn, brother Ed, and Dan.
Cruising in the Fred Meyer store.
Dan with the shopping cart and Mary following.
Playing the penny slots in the Muckleshoot Casino.
Dan and his mom.
We cannot say enough good things about the Muckleshoot Casino. Aside from being able to park here, the buffet was good and there is an entire section of gambling with NO smoking! Info for RVs coming to Auburn, WA. You can park your rigs in the southeast corner of the casino and can stay for 72 hours. We've been here almost that long. If you need to stay longer, you can notify security. I know all this because I wrote to the casino before we got here and got a nice response from a casino marketing coordinator. There is plenty of security patrolling the parking lots. A good stopover.

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