Saturday, May 11, 2013

No complaining in this entry. I was really upset in the last blog entry. It happens.......We drove another real short day to Auburn, WA to park in the Muckleshoot Casino parking lot. This is about as close as we can get to where Dan's mom lives. Its only us and a motor home here. This is actually a good stopping place for a couple of days. We are allowed to stay here for 72 hours. If we need to stay longer, we contact the security people. I wrote an email to the casino and they answered back within an hour giving me all the information. We went to another seafood buffet tonight and it was almost as good as the one at Lucky Eagle Casino. And, I spent 20 bucks and came out with 80 bucks in my pocket. Cool. So far this has been a good place to park. Security seems to be around a lot and that's good. Sure is a busy and popular casino. I was really tickled that the casino has a huge section for non-smokers. We stayed in that section..........Dan's grandson Ryan came to see us today. That was a plus. Ryan's dad, John, brought him. They stayed several hours this afternoon......Bella has been out on her leash several times. She does real good exploring around in the bushes until something loud goes by on the road. Then she heads for the door.

We found a good place to park. Way out of the way of anyone who might come into the parking lot and little trees and shrubs on one side of us.
Looking at the Muckleshoot Casino sign.
Ryan brought his bike with him.

Ryan and Papa having a good laugh.

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