Friday, May 10, 2013

We are in Rochester, WA. Staying one night at this RV park. Its the RV park for the Lucky Eagle Casino. We like coming to this casino because of the good seafood buffet.........Nice park with big sites. A good number of sites. Bella loved it here as soon as we parked. She could go outside without a leash as there are plenty of places to roam. We were out walking around with her when another 5th wheel pulled in. They had the whole park to choose a spot and guess where they parked? Right beside us. RIGHT BESIDE US! Why do people have to NEST??? I just couldn't believe they are right next to us. And, as we were walking back to our rig, out comes a DOG! It WAS gonna be a nice overnight stay here. Ok. I'm done bitching now.

Our nice parking spot before someone had to park in the spot right next to us. Oh sigh. If I took this picture again, you wouldn't our rig. Maybe only the front of our truck. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

This is how we look now. Oh sigh......
Look at all the places in the park they could have gone.

This WAS the view from our rig. Now we're looking at the side of someones rig.
This is out on the other side of our rig. Bella really liked it out there in the grass. We will take her back out walking in the field again.

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