Sunday, June 02, 2013

Several days have gone by since I last wrote. Been busy with Dan's family and cooking and trying to stay outside and walk Bella when its not raining. Just haven't had much time to sit in front of the computer and I love my computer. Haven't taken any picture either. I should have with Dan's family here, but I just didn't even think about it. Anyway, Dan's family is gone and Christine is off on her adventure for 10 days. Me, Dan, Bella, and Mom are just carrying on and doing good so far. Yeah for us! I'm cooking things for dinner that my sister doesn't like but my mom does. So far we've had crab stuffed mushrooms. Yummy. Next up is liver and onions. Big yummy! I'll make Dan something else as he doesn't like liver. He just doesn't know what hes missing! ha!.............Liver was YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............I just can't seem to keep up with the writing. Besides doing my stuff, I'm finding it a lot of work taking care of my Mom. Alzheimer's is a bad, bad disease. She is pretty healthy physically but the disease of loosing your memory is quite awful. I just don't know how my sister Christine takes care of her so good and works part time too. I give her a lot of credit for what she does. I'll try to start taking some pictures. I just "space out" taking my camera out with me as I'm keeping Bella on the leash most of the time. Easier to take pics when shes not on the leash and both my hands are free. Traffic seems to be busy on mom's road and there are lots of cats in the neighborhood since a woman is living in her van on the side of the road. Guess she has about 8 or 9 cats with her. Christine said she couldn't pay her rent and her van broke down on my mom's road and that's where shes been ever since. The cats seem to roam up the road to mom's yard since they found out Bella is here. Just can't have Bella chasing strange cats as they have to cross the street to get back to the van. Oh sigh. So, for awhile, its the leash for her.

Ok. Its been several more days since I wrote. Just haven't had time. My sister is back from her trip. Guess she was busy busy busy. Now shes trying to rest up from a vacation. Isn't that the way it always is? And now she has her grandson, Gabe, here at the house to live with her. Hes 11. I guess his mom is coming back home too in July to stay. That should be interesting too. My mom's house is going from a, more or less, normal? house to a house that is gonna be VERY hectic!

Dan I headed to the Seattle VA and got two of his appointments taken care of. Its a start. On the ferry ride over, the ferry captain slowed the boat down and announced that the transient Orcas were swimming by the boat, heading to Bremerton. That was very cool. I hadn't seen the Orcas since the J Pod came to Bremerton looking for the spawning salmon. They are always fun to watch. I didn't have my camera with me. Oh sigh. You can read about the J Pod on here.

And, I did take a few pictures. Of course most are of Bella.

 Home sweet home. Christine was on her trip and her jeep is gone. My car overtook the driveway. lol lol
 This pretty cat has been just about living in the woods on mom's property. Not sure where he came from or where he lives. Maybe someone just "dropped" him off. Don't know yet. I've taken some pictures of him and been asking around about him. Hes VERY loving like hes starved for attention. So, anyway, this is the hangout for awhile I guess.

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