Monday, June 24, 2013

We had a VERY busy weekend and all the pictures I took have vanished into picture heaven. I left my smart card in my laptop that I used in my camera. I've done that before and never thought a thing about it. This morning I wanted to put pictures on my blog and the whole smart card has been wiped! Lots and lots and lots of pictures. Can't figure that one out. I'll have to ask the local neighborhood computer repair guy. Oh sigh. I had pictures of  Dan's grandson Ryan being here with his dad on Saturday. Pictures of him driving our quad and pictures of them at the demo-derby. Smash em up/crash em up. Pictures of my great-nephew Gabe on the quad and going to the derby with us too. I'm so bummed about loosing all my pictures. Anyway, the boys had a great time driving the quad around my mom's yard. I was the passenger most of the time and Ryan gave his dad a few turns around the 1/2 acre. They both loved it. The day turned out to be warm and no rain. When we arrived home after the derby, we found Dan's daughter Audrey and his grandson Caleb waiting for us. Cool. John and Ryan hung out for awhile then they headed back to Mercer Island in Seattle.

We just hung out together on Sunday, mostly indoors, because the rain decided to come back. I do have a few pictures on my phone that I took of them and a few from the demo-derby, thank goodness.

Took this with my phone at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle after Dan's VA appointment. We met up with John and Ryan for lunch. Very cool place to eat. I probably hadn't been there for at least 30 years.
 Here is the one picture that was taken with my camera. This one was saved because I posted it on Face Book. Here is Ryan giving his dad a ride on the quad. I had lots of good pictures on my camera. Oh sigh.
Here is a most excellent picture I took with my phone of Dan's daughter Audrey, Dan, and Dan's oldest grandson Caleb. We had just eaten at the Olive Garden.
 Taken with my phone at the demo-derby. Great-nephew Gabe and grandson Ryan watching the cars smash and crash. They had a great time there. I had some great pictures on my camera too of the cars all smashed up. The boys really liked that. They are each holding some small stuffed animals. During the intermission the demo-derby drive around the arena and throw stuffed animals up into the grand stands. Of course the boys had to go follow the trucks and try to catch some stuffed animals. They had fun doing that.

Always, always good when Dan's grands can come over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sue Malone said...

talk to Rick! He helped me recover photos from a wiped smart card once. Good luck. UhOh...hope I can figure out those letters to post this...