Thursday, July 04, 2013

Just another day......

I decided to finally take some pictures. Things have been rather hectic here, but that's normal. hahahahaha......Dan has been back to the VA in Seattle and my sister's daughter Deanna is now here. She flew in from Georgia.  The weather has actually been very nice until today. It stayed overcast all day. Lots and lots of booms happening all around the neighborhood. Oh. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!! We've been having to give Bella a liquid anti-biotic twice a day until 7/9. She is going to the vet to have her back teeth worked on. Her poor gums are all red and inflamed. We'll get her all fixed up and she'll be lots better. Anyway, that's what is happening around her. Doc appts, vet appts, blueberry picking, BBQ, life in general.

We've been picking blueberries. Yummy. Filling up the freezer.
The blackberries are starting to ripen too.
Lots and lots of green blueberries. We're gonna be overrun with berries this summer.
Here is our "big boy" stray that we call Tucker. Hes such a friendly cat.
My one lone tomato plant.

We had a small BBQ at Mom's house for the 4th. Here is Dan, my great-niece Aly, my niece Gina, and my Mom.
Tucker and Bella chillin'.

Here's my nephew-in-law Steve working the "Barbie".
Dan and Steve watching all the kids playing. Boy oh boy! They sure can get NOISY. I don't remember any of us as kids being that noisy, but we probably were.
My Mom just chillin'.
Great-niece Grace, her dad Steve, and Dan. Sister Christine is in the background at the BBQ.
Grace, Steve, great-nephew Caleb, and great nephew Gabe.

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