Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not much happening. Everyday life. Just decided to put a few pictures on here. These were taken at Evergreen Park in Bremerton. I was there with my sister and niece at a rally. There used to be a swimming pool in the park and I'd go swimming in it when I was a teenager. This park used to be a pretty neat hangout. Not sure if kids hangout here anymore or not.

Here comes our pal Dr. Mona. She is a podiatrist. Ugh! A foot lover. lol lol
We went our for Chinese food at our favorite Chinese joint. The Golden Star. Dan is with Ling. She works is a waitress here and her and Dan joke around all the time. She just had her third child and sent Dan a note via my sister Christine to give him when we got back into Bremerton. It said, "Hi Honey! Where my child support? Ling" (with a heart beside her name). We both cracked up. She has a great sense of humor. So Dan put $500 monopoly money in a nice card. Shes fun.
Me, Mom, and sister Christine all got a special little treat for our birthdays.
Youngest son Jason, me, and Mom.

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