Monday, August 05, 2013

Small BBQ

Its been quite nice out. Only one day of any measurable rain. We're loving that. Just been busy with doc appointments, everyday living and planning a BBQ for family moving back home to Bremerton. Soon we'll be VERY busy trying to get all these doc appointments done. Dan has lots to accomplish. Soon as his back appointments are done and he feels better, we have a "to do" list to finish up before we can travel again. Normal maintenance on our rig, a good wash and wax on it, and a "end of the summer" cleaning on the inside. We'll get it done. We always do.

We're still working on our stray Tucker. He comes into our rig and has spent a few nights in here, but in the morning he is more then ready to be let out. Sometimes hes not very nice to Bella and hisses at her, so she just backs off and will leave him alone. We're hoping that he will quit doing that while inside the rig. Outside our rig then play and play and play. its fun to watch them. He comes to me and follows me around and will soon do that with Dan. I'm thinking he likes the female voice better then the male voice.

Been picking blackberries and making cobblers. We probably have at least one more picking of blueberries. Oh! And I've picked 3 tomatoes off the one plant we have. Yummy!

Here are some pictures of the cats and a few of the BBQ.

How can I not make the first picture be of Bella? hahahahahaha
Youngest son Jason and his grand Alexa. They were trying to coax the squirrels to come eat peanuts.
And, here is the big surprise happening for my Mom. My niece Jennifer, her intended Phil, and sons Draven, and Mason are sneaking up behind her. She has NO idea they are behind her or that they moved here to Bremerton.
Hmmmmmmm. Shes looking at the boys and wondering and asking who they are.
Jennifer starts to hug her.
Mom grabs her.
And big hugs hugs hugs.......
Mom had tears in her eyes.
Here is Jason with daughter Lisa, grand Alexa, and her daddy Shane.
I think Jennifer is happy happy to be back home.
Tabitha working the BBQ. Sister Christine on the porch and niece Deanna with her back to the camera.
Our food table in the garage out of the sun.
Jennifer with a big smile on her face sitting next to her Grandma.
Bella and Tucker playing. They are so fun to watch.

Resting after playing. Too funny.

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