Saturday, August 17, 2013

Busy busy

Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz louise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its been BUSY! Seems like never ending doctor appointments, cooking, baking, picking berries, doing stuff on our rig, and etc and so on. Try to fit that all in daylight hours while trying to get Tucker to not hiss at Bella every time he comes into our rig. Hes such a neat cat outside and him and Bella play, play, play, but soon as he comes inside he hisses constantly at her. That will never work. We can't have him doing that all the time in our small space and we can't let him out at night when we go back to Quartzsite. Too many coyotes and foxes out there in the desert. I suppose time will tell. I'll keep trying with him to be nice inside. Poor Bella just backs away from him when hes inside and sits in a corner. That's not fair to her. He might just end up staying here at my Mom's house. He seems to be comfortable with going inside her house, even with Max the weenie dog in there. At least he can stay outside most of the time here and will have shelter in the garage.  And, I know that someone who reads this will say, "they are just cats". Not in my opinion.

Anyway, the doctor appointments are going so-so and they will eventually get done. The VA is very slow and because of this we probably won't be able to leave until later then we had planned. Although we both hate waiting, it is what it is and Dan's health comes first. I'm thinking of the glass being half full, as always, and it gives me more time to work with Tucker.

Some of the other doctor appointments have been for my sister Christine. So far we've gone to the Tacoma Group Health twice so she could have a 1 centimeter kidney stone zapped. Shes in the process of trying to get rid of it now. I've been sleeping with my cell phone right by my head so if she has a problem she can call and I'll go across the driveway to my Mom's house. She can't have a fever above 101.3 as she becomes Sepsis, then its a trip to the ER. Sure don't want that to happen to her again. Ya just never realize how busy doctors are and how short handed they seem to be for help until ya get kidney stones zapped, CT scans, x-rays, women stuff done, mammograms, and seeing your primary care doctor first before any of this stuff can be done. What a messed up system is happening here and being under staffed too. Dan has the VA to rely on but now that I'm gonna be 65 next year I guess I look forward to Medicare along with my Group Health. Grrrrrr. Not sure how that works yet but I'll be finding out.

And, so life goes on. We did manage to take a day trip to Port Townsend to the Jefferson County Fair to see our friends Chris and Connie. They set up their concession at the fairgrounds every year. We took Bella with us for the day. Here is what the concession looks like. Its been in my blog many times before. Our truck is to the right. Bella was just sitting in her bed on the console of the front seat, door open, and looking around. She got out of the truck a couple of times and walked around on her leash. She was just content to look out the windows.
Connie and Dan
Dan inside the concession. He loves working in here when he can. He is limited on what he can do now because of medical issues. He was just doing some easy stuff inside while Connie was outside having a meeting with her "help" for the fair.

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