Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A lot has been happening. My birth Dad is ill. His doctor advised that his family come see him. Ok. I drove up north of Bremerton to Bellingham. He didn't look so good when I got there, but by time I left, he was looking pretty good. He is still ill with a bad heart but I think he sure fooled the doctors this time. Anyway, it was great to see him, his wife Susan, my sister Peggy, her hubby Dennis, and my niece Annalisa.

Dan went to his last VA appointment and hes been given a clean bill of health. WOOHOO! We'll be getting ready to leave Bremerton in about 2 weeks. Its starting to get chilly here at night. I'm starting to wear my half gloves even inside, so I know that I'm feeling the chill.

Took a few pictures while I was in Bellingham. Enjoy.

Sunset from Dad and Susan's deck. Their house overlooks Bellingham Bay.
Another view from the deck.
My cousin Nikki who came up to Bellingham for the afternoon.
My great-nephew Gabe.
My birth Dad, John, with Nikki.
My Dad with my sister Peggy.
Really great picture 2 days after getting out of the hospital. I think he'll be around longer then the doctors think.
Sisters and the Dad. :-)
A couple of flower pictures. I believe this is a snapdragon.
Pretty pansies.
Susan and Peggy's husband, Dennis.

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