Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just more stuff

Well let see now. I've been absent from the blog. Just lots of things happening. Dan finally went to one of his last VA appointments. He got work done on his back so he should be good for awhile or until we get back her next summer. Hopefully. He still has a couple more appointments before we can leave here for the Winter. He sure is moving around a lot better then he was. Woohoo for that! The only regret we both have is that he won't be working at the NASCAR race in Vegas the end of September. Oh sigh. He'll be at the race in the early spring though. His health comes first, for sure.

So, what we've been doing besides going to the Seattle Veterans Administration, big VA hospital will be written about below with the pictures.

My brother Jim and his son David came over to spend a day with Mom. They were here quite awhile and we all had pizza in the early evening. We hadn't seen David since he was a teenager. Long time.

Sister Christine, Jim, Mom, David

My friend Kristi was in Bremerton on a mini-vacation. She lives in Spokane, WA. I used to work with her when she was very young. She stopped by with her husband Craig and daughter Sarah. We had a very good time chatting.
My youngest son Jason's birthday was on September 3rd. I can't believe he is now 39! I had a small BBQ in Mom's back yard. It turned out good. Here I am with Jason and his cousin Dana.
Jason's grand Alexa, Dan, Jason, me, Dana
Now we have news about my oldest son Michael. You don't hear very much about him as he lives in Tallahassee, Florida. He is walking from Tallahassee to Washington DC for the Million Mask March. Something I don't totally understand but I respect him for what hes doing. He seems to have a lot of people following him like I am. "Walk while you still can" I say, "before you can't do something like this anymore". I've provided links so anyone interested can see what hes doing. (Sorry that you have to copy and paste the links.) Hes doing good so far trying to average at least 15 miles a day. Crap. I sure couldn't do that. Hes tenting and moteling and meeting people who have given him rides. I hope as he gets closer to the big cities that the city people will be just as nice as the country people have been. Yes. I grouped them into two different groups. That's my opinion. Anyway, he will be in DC on 11/5/13 for whatever the Million Mask March people will be doing, then he'll go back to Tallahassee. Its interesting tracking him and keeping up with him via FB and texts, but as his Mom its a little disconcerning too. But that's how I roll. I worry.

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