Friday, October 18, 2013

more traveling

We spent 2 nights in Reno parked in the Atlantis Casino parking lot. We tried to park at the Circus Circus where my sister Christine was staying, but they wouldn't let us. IF we would have been allowed, we would have needed to get a permit from the casino and pay 10 bucks a night. I don't think so. We stayed for free 3 miles down the road. Dan and I met up with Christine, her friend Sue, Sue's son Shawn, and Mike. Shawn and Mike are Christine's clients, both with a disability. They go to Reno or Vegas once or twice a year. It was fun seeing her in Reno even though we just left her in Bremerton. We all went to eat at the Silver Legacy Casino buffet the first night we were there. The next night they drove to where we were and we had the buffet at the Atlantis. Yummy!

Here is Dan with the rowdy bunch when they picked us up for dinner.
Dan had a fever on the day we were gonna leave Reno so he took some aspirin and went back to bed for awhile. When he woke up we decided to head south. We are at Whiskey Flat RV Park in Hawthorne, NV. We like coming here. Its quiet and Bella doesn't need a leash. I think this is the 6th time we've been here. Staying two days then off to our next stop, which I'm not sure where it will be yet.
BRRRR cold snow on the hill behind our rig. UGH!
Our favorite kitty cat chillin' with a leash.
Another view of the snow.
Wide open spaces here at the park.
Dan and Bella out lizard hunting and taking a walk. She was SO happy to have some freedom. Good thing she is very obedient.

Cool picture of her on the fence.
LOL LOL LOL.....Bella is checking out the sign saying to keep pets off the grass. Guess she is our protester cat. hahahahahaha
Home sweet home at the RV park.

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