Monday, November 11, 2013

Finally in Quartzsite

And we're back in our "spot" in Quartzsite. Peace and quiet. Bella has been outside hunting lizards and doesn't have to be on a leash anymore unless we take her for a night walk. Dan only raised 3 of our 6 solar panels up this time. We seem to do ok this way for generating our own power. We've been working on getting things cleaned up on our rig after traveling for a month.

Unloading the quad from our garage. You can see Bella on the left just chillin'.
We've gone on one quad ride so far. This ride took us to Dripping Springs. Just a neat view looking back to where the spring is.
A rock house at Dripping Springs.
Just another view of the rock house with a nice view in the background.
Our quad with a nice background view.
We went on the ride with a couple of friends, Jim and Dick. Here is Dick getting ready to go into the small cave where the springs are.
Dan took a picture of me sitting out on the quad.
This is the Apache Cabin. Its always been a fun spot to stop for lunch and to just hang out. Someone has the mining rights to this area now and made sure we knew that.
View of Quartzsite waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off in the distance.

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