Thursday, November 21, 2013

Desert cat

Its so nice and quiet out here in the desert, right now anyway. After Christmas it will get lively and noisy with people coming from near and far for all the "happenings" here in Quartzsite during January and February. Rock shows, car show, other stuff shows, vendors, etc. Town will be booming. I'll be standing in line at the post office, small grocery stores, and waiting my turn for a washer and dryer. That's just how ya gotta roll in Quartzsite during those months. Unless I drive to Blythe, CA. Then I can wash clothes without waiting, waiting, waiting and I can treat myself to a latte at Starbucks. Oh, and go to Albertsons and Kmart. Woohoo! If I could go across the Colorado River on the quad, I could strap everything on the quad and not go in the truck, but I can't ride the quad on the paved streets in California. I'd like to see the look on the people's faces at the AZ/CA border if I came through the check point on the quad. LOL LOL LOL............So, everyday life goes on until all the people start showing up. Keeping our tanks full of water, emptying the black/grey water, getting gas for the generator (we don't use it too much because of our solar), getting propane. All normal stuff when you dry camp..........Soon I'll be flying to Bellingham, WA from Las Vegas. Need to take care of business after my birth dad passed away about 1 1/2 months ago. Dan will be "batching" it with Bella for awhile. Oh sigh. Won't be a real happy time but its gotta be done.

Here is Bella sitting on a dead branch of an ironwood tree.
Hmmmmm. That branch looks a little skinny. :-) I took both these pictures on my phone. I sure like how they fit on my blog better.
Looking East at the moon over the hills. Pretty reflection from the sunset.

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