Friday, February 28, 2014

Our two travel days have been OK. The first one was from Quartzsite, AZ to Cal-Nev-Ari, NV. It was windy but the wind was pushing us. A nice southern wind. We parked before it got real gusty. It rained at night but was pretty dry when we got up. Our next travel day was good. We got to Desert Eagle RV Park on Nellis Air Force Base, got set up, went to make an appointment at an RV repair place, and stopped by Walmart for a few things before the rain started. After we got back to our rig, it POURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the NASCAR race we have an appointment to get new landing legs on the front of our rig. We had one break on us and our rig on one side is braced up with 2x4's when we park. Oh sigh. Just like maintenance on your stick house I suppose.

Our parking spot at Cal-Nev-Ari RV Park. A "mom and pop" park and only 18 bucks for full hookup. Can't beat that. Bella could wander without her leash if we kept her out of the brush on the outskirts of the park. She wandered close to the outskirts and discovered how it feels to get a goat head in her little paw. We took it out and she didn't go near those bushes again. Here is a definition of a goat head. "A goat head is a type of sticker plant. It is a common type of plan that grows in new Mexico. Goat Head Stickers are also known as puncture vine and sand burn plants."Nasty, nasty stickers. Look how clear the sky is. Nice. It very windy out and the rain was heading to us from the south.

The view from our rig before the rain clouds came.
Bella on the leash after she wandered into the goat heads.
Dan out wandering.
Bella chillin' and watching the doves.
Our spot on the air base. This is really a nice park. The sites are big and spread out. This is the first time we've stayed on a military base and we'll be doing this again. It POURED rain on us. Dan was hoping it would rain longer so the truck would get washed off. hahahahahaha.......We're still carrying around all our desert dust. One night here then off to the race track until Monday 3/10. We're only 2 miles from the track so its gonna be a very long travel day. hahahahahahahahahahahahah :-)
Lookie lookie lookie. A water puddle!!!!!!!! We haven't seen any rain for about 2 months.


Kevin J said...

Do you have to be Retired Military to stay at Nellis?

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Kevin.......No. You don't have to be retired military. I am a retired civil service worker for the Dept. of Navy. All I needed was a current badge.