Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting "road ready"

I sure am gonna miss camping in our "spot" here in Quartzsite. Oh sigh. Leaving for the speedway in Vegas soon and probably not coming back to Quartzsite after the race. Depends on how the weather looks going north. We love the peace and quiet here. And not having to be in an RV park with your neighbor about 10' from your rig. Anyway, quit whining Patty......Its been so nice here lately. Hoping the nice weather will stay with us for awhile. We are still getting ourselves "road ready". Dan put a new fixture on the side of our rig where we pump out the black water/grey water. It had a very small leak. Time to replace it. All the windows are washed. Next up is I'm gonna clean the doors and wipe the screens in the screen doors. The garage is ready for the quad to be loaded after it gets a bath. Dan has to haul an extra bladder full of water to wash it. No car wash in Quartzsite.....Ok. I'm gone. We're going across the way to have some cedar plank grilled salmon. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh sigh. Our home in the desert. Love it!
Bella is stalking something down inside the hole in this tree. I couldn't get in there to look down the hole because of all the stickers on this tree. You can see the little pointy stickers on the thin branches to the left. They were also hanging down. I kind of had my head inside an opening of stickers.

 She finally came out of the sticker hole as every time she stuck her arm down the hole I'd tell her "Bella! Get out of the hole". She knows what that means and will remove her arm. I couldn't see what was in the hole so shes not allowed to stick her arm in a hole that might not be safe. Its warm enough now that a snake could have been down in the bottom. Always on "snake alert".

Our friend Diane in her 50's outfit. She belongs to T.O.P.S. and they had some kind of convention or gathering in Yuma. I guess the TOPS from Quartzsite did a skit and she had to look 50'ish, from the 50's, not 50 years old. LOL LOL LOL.......She looks cute.

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