Thursday, March 06, 2014


Ok. I went crazy and put jet pictures on here. Different jets from different countries according to the web-site I posted. Its been really interesting watching all the different jets.

Dan has started working at the race track. Its getting busy. I think there is gonna be lots of people here this time because the weather is gonna be good.....Just in case its your first time here, we are at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the jets are coming from across the street at Nellis Air Force Base.......We went to watch the heavy hauler parade. That is always fun. All the NASCAR driver's semi-trucks are shiny clean and all lit up with their chicken lights. The start at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign on the strip and parade all the way to the race track. They all look mighty impressive. Fun to watch.........Enjoy the pictures. I sure had fun taking them.

LOL LOL. The seagulls were lucky they didn't get hit.

I like the next two. First picture shows the jet without some kind of flap up on top of it. Next pic shows the flap up.

All the jets except this one flew out and away from our rig. This guy came right over the top of me as I was standing on the steps to our door. I zoomed in on him but he was still close, close, close. Made the rig tremble. It was too cool.

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