Sunday, March 09, 2014

LVMS-last day

Last day at the race track. Its gonna be a BUSY one for Dan. It gets crazy here. People are in a hurry to get here and they are twice as much in a hurry to leave. Its just insane. I haven't even been to the track this time. I just might ride the tram over to the track and check things out. Maybe. Been there/done that so many times. Or maybe I'll just go sit at Dan's gate and people watch. That gets pretty interesting. In the picture below he is at the original gate he was suppose to "man". He has since moved to a REAL busy gate.
Sunrise reflecting over the track this morning. Not the prettiest picture but it shows the view from our rig. I can see all the cars coming into the track to park for the day and see where all the helicopters land to bring people in from the casinos. It is a long walk to the track.
In and out, in and out. It will be this way all day long with the helicopters bring people in and taking people out. I'm thinking that most of them come from different casinos. Not really sure. There defiantly is a steady stream of them for sure. And limos. LOTS of limos. Dan's gate has changed. This is a different one. The first one he was at got locked by the speedway people. This new gate will be busy, busy, busy. He'll be busy for sure.

I never rode the tram to the track. Visited with Dan at his gate for awhile. And the race has started. Here are the jets after they did the "fly by" after The Star-Spangled Banner. I stuck the camera out our door and just caught part of them as they cruised by. Cool.

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