Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Yreka

Just some more pictures of Yreka RV Park. Not too much happening. Just out playing with Bella, did laundry, fueled up the truck, and went to a Grocery Outlet store that had just opened. Just everyday life. Been doing some weather watching for the Siskiyou's that we need to go through. Might see some snow, but hopefully not. Probably rain though. We need to go over Siskiyou Summit and Sexton Summit but we've never had a problem doing this.

Here is Bella just chillin'.
Looking out over the RV park from the field where Bella has been playing.

It was raining and we were under the tent waiting for it to go away.
Looking out towards the town of Yreka. Kind of blurry as I these two pictures with my phone using the zoom.

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