Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Seven Feathers

We have left Yreka, finally. Spent 7 days there. Its nice, but it was time to move on. All our mail finally caught up with us. Our travel day was maybe gonna be postponed because of the weather, but as you can see from the travel pictures below, we had a good travel day. We traveled from Yreka, CA to Canyonville, OR. Had several summits to go over. Seen a little snow on the side of the road but the road itself was good. We're staying 2 days at the Seven Feathers Casino RV Park.

The snow was pretty low in the hills.
Lots of downhill grades.
Oh good. A runaway truck ramp.
Snow, snow, and more snow.
Welcome to Oregon.
Oh geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz. More snow.
Siskiyou Mtn. Summit
       Elev. 4310 Ft
  Highest Elev. on I-5
And, that's what the sign says.
Not sure what this plateau is called. I just liked how it looked.
Uh oh. We had a problem going up the hill to Siskiyou Summit, but Dan solved it.

Arriving at Sever Feathers Casino RV Park.
This is a real nice RV park. We've been here once before. In this parking place we can't get TV or Internet on our satellite. Stupid tree is in the way. We're using their cable and wifi.
There are rhododendrons all over the RV park. Pretty.
More views of the park. Dan and Bella going for a walk.

Lots and lots and lots of trees.
Bella just chillin' outside.

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