Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 22

Happy Birthday to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me, Mom, and niece Gina. All on the same day, 7/22.

Me, Dan, Mom, Christine, Denise, Jason and his friend Jenny all went to the Clearwater Casino to have the senior buffet and play on the slot machines. It was mostly good except the buffet wasn't the best for a Monday............So, today is our birthday. Not gonna do much at all except go to a local diner by my Mom's house for dinner. No cooking today for me. WOOHOO!............7/23...We ended up going to a Mexican place cause the local diner was closed. Sure was looking forward to a french dip. Oh well. Dinner was ok, but not the best this time. After dinner we came back home and put some candles on a lemon meringue pie that is my Mom's favorite. She liked that.........OK. Here are a few pictures.............

Bella chillin' in her chair looking up at the birds that she can't get. lol lol
Mom is very intent on playing her slot machine.
Jason and his friend Jenny came to the casino to eat with us and hang out.
Mom and Christine being silly. Goofy, goofy, goofy. :-)

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