Saturday, July 19, 2014

Christine's Birthday

July is birthday month for me. On July 18th was my sister Christine's birthday and my oldest son Michael's birthday. Michael lives in Tallahassee so we couldn't include him in the physical celebration. Oh sigh. I made Christine her favorite dinner and bought her two cakes each with different frosting. I couldn't remember which one she liked the best. Oops! Guess I should know that. (No, I didn't make the cakes. It was easier for Albertons to make them.)......Next up is my birthday and my Mom's. I was born on her birthday, July 22nd. She got quite the birthday present. lol lol lol.......On the 21st we are all headed to the Clearwater Casino to eat at the senior buffet. (cheap cheap cheap) and to play some slots. Mom likes doing this but is starting to really have a hard time remembering what to do when she sits in front of the slot machine. (Her Alzheimers SUCKS!) We all help her and I think she still enjoys herself even though she forgets. Maybe she'll win BIG!

Here is Bella just waiting for something to move so she can give chase.
They are sitting in what we call the cat cave. Dan has made this little clearing in the woods and blackberry bushes. We keep a couple of chairs in the clearing. Bella spends alot of time in her cat cave. Lots of movement she can hear. Birds, squirrels, mice, and other stuff I'm sure.
Here are the birthday girl's two cakes. One from us humans and one from her dog Max.

Christine the birthday girl...........

Being VERY silly. I thought she was gonna throw it at me. lol lol lol......In this family, that could happen.

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