Monday, August 25, 2014

Flowers and cats

Dan's hibiscus was starting to bloom in the next few pictures. Its a real pretty flower and its fun to watch it bloom. It still probably won't live with us.

Had to throw in a picture of the "Christine plant", the Hollyhock. This plant has been in my blog many times.
And, back to the Hibiscus and Dan.

Tucker is taking it easy in Mom's yard. In fact, hes always taking it easy. Hes the most laid back cat I've ever seen. We sure would take him with us if we could.

Of course Bella has to be on the blog.
She was being very mischievous when she was playing with Dan. They were playing keep away or peek-a-boo. They are so funny to watch when they do this.

They play around the chair too. Bella is always watching her "papa"

I like this picture. She was hanging with her legs trying to reach Dan. You can see her back legs dangling. Of course, hes teasing her.
My Mom was cracking up at me when I aimed the camera at her. She was sitting outside enjoying the nice evening.
And this is another day in the "life of Patty and Dan". LOL LOL.........We found time to attend the next d-derby that was happening on the last day of the Kitsap County Fair. Dan so loves going to these things. This poor little car had done a rollover off the ramp. It bounced all over the place.
This was a "football" game. The brown van in the middle is the "football". It was the white cars against the yellow cars. They try and push the "football" between two huge tires that is the goal. Its funny and real noisy. The yellow team eventually won as they pushed the "football" closer to the goal then the other team did.

Here is Dan's plant again one day after I took the pictures above. He was so excited that it had three flowers. I'm glad he likes flowers because when we are in Arizona we take the quad out for desert rides just to take pictures of the desert flowers blooming.


Dawn White said...

Patty, the Hibiscus is blooming beautifully. I am really amazed at how well it is doing. Don't you just love it ? My favorite variation of it is just like yours, except the pattern is reversed. The largest part of the flower is bright pink, and the middle is yellow. It is called " The Path ". Also loved the pictures of Bella and Tucker. Is Bella starting to feel any desert fever yet ?

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Hi Dawn....I'm not sure if you see my comments back to you. You can always make comments to my email if ya want....Dan just loves this flower! Bella has been feeling desert fever for awhile now. She'll love getting back to lizard hunting and running full speed across the desert. :)