Monday, September 01, 2014

Peggy's visit

Happy Labor Day! It was a good weekend. My sister Peggy and her hubby Dennis came to visit. Her and my sister Christine had never met. Me and Peggy have the same Dad, just different Moms. She hadn't ever met my Mom either. It was all good and we had a good visit. Christine grilled some nice rib eye steaks on the barbie and we had some ribs, jello, homemade soup (YUM) that I made, chips, and watermelon. All real yummy! My son Jason and his friend Jenny/3 kids came over for dinner too........In about one month we'll be hitting the road again. This time I'm gonna give in and suck it up and go have my teeth done in Algodones, Mexico. Will be MUCH cheaper to fix my mouth in Mexico. That's sad because as much as I hate going to the dentist, I really like the one I go too. Just WAY too expensive and my insurance only covers cleaning and x-rays. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. That sucks. Dan is quite please with his new teeth from Mexico about 4 years ago. Anyway, its something I gotta do and get it over with. :-(

Of course I put a pic of Dan's flower on here again. Hes pleased as punch with this plant. Its too funny.
My sister Peggy and I at the Best Western in Silverdale, WA
My two sisters Christine and Peggy. First time meeting, hopefully not the last. I sure do love them both.

3 sisters. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and son Jason. Cool guy he is. :-)

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