Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I can't believe its so foggy out! Watching the weather change from being a pretty nice summer to the leaves changing color to it getting chilly out is not my thing. We'll be leaving Bremerton soon. Dan has one more VA appointment and then we can plan a day to take off. I've gotten our garage all cleaned out and ready to load the quad back in and Dan took it real easy, because of his back and the shots he just got, and washed our rig. Slowly getting ready for travel. Its always hard for me to leave my Mom's place as I always feel guilty about leaving. Oh sigh........Bella has been having a great time outside lately. The squirrels are getting ready for the winter I guess because there are lots of them hanging out in the orchard collecting peanuts and acorns. We have one mommy that will come right up to us looking for a peanut. Shes not afraid of Bella and most of the time Bella just sits and watches her. We think she is nursing and has some babies somewhere close by. Sometimes Bella will chase the squirrels and touch their tails but that's about it. I think its just the thrill of the chase for her.

Now Bella really likes chasing this bird. Its slower then a Jay and will get real close to us. Not sure what kind of bird it is. I'm guessing maybe some kind of Blue Bird.
 It was not shy about landing on the picnic benches and looking for a peanut.


I think the weather will be good for traveling when its time to go. Doesn't look like much is happening going south on I-5.

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