Friday, September 19, 2014

RIP Michelle

It really sucks to lose a friend who you've known for years. My friend Michelle passed away on 9/17/14 from cancer. Nasty, nasty bone cancer. Awful crap. I didn't get to see her before she passed. I had paid for an airline ticket so I could go see her but she passed away two days before I could have gotten there. Just didn't make it. I'm very sad about her passing. She was a VERY big part of my life everyday and I will miss her LOTS! Signing off in our very special way like we did for many years. hugs hugs hugs :-p

Today, 9/18, Dan and I are at the Seattle VA so he can get shots in his back. Hoping they last longer then last time he got them.

Dan got his shots. His back will feel better after the injection sites heal. Cool. Now if he could get rid of the bronchitis/pneumonia that has lingered with him forever, he'll be just fine. Hes back on heavy duty anti-biotic again.

We've been doing our "end of the summer, before we leave Bremerton" house cleaning and downsizing. Dan is doing easy stuff so as not aggravate his back right after getting shots. I'm doing the heavy stuff for right now, such as, getting propane and doing the bending over stuff when emptying the black water. (Crappy job. LOL LOL) We'll keep doing something everyday and we'll be ready to leave the first week after October. Dan still have two more VA appointments.

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