Sunday, October 26, 2014

Avi Casino

And off we go from Tradewinds RV Park, going to the KOA at the Avi Casino in Laughlin, NV. We'll stay here for a few days. This is the shortest day we've done since owning our RV. 34 miles. LOL LOL. A Dan and Patty kind of day. :-)

Traveling along hwy 68 towards Bullhead City, AZ

The bridge going across the river from Arizona to Nevada
The Avi is about 10 miles or so from downtown Laughlin

We drove back into Laughlin so we could eat at the Friday night seafood buffet at the Aquarius Casino. We've eaten here about 6 times cause we love eating crab.
The KOA where we are parked

Bella has been out without her leash hunting lizards. She doesn't like the heat very much, so she lays in the shade waiting for something to move, then she'll go after it and head back to the shade.
We went to a concert at the Avi Casino and seen a tribute band playing songs by Boston and Styx. I REALLY liked Boston and some of Styx' songs, but poor Dan didn't know almost all the songs, so he suffered for me by sitting there and listening. I'm sure he had his hearing aids turned off. LOL LOL
Anyway, they were pretty good. Didn't take any pictures. Didn't take my camera.
You can go check them out if ya want.............Gonna hang out here at the Avi Casino for 2 more days I think. Dan can watch the NASCAR race on Sunday and I can go to the post office on Monday and we'll fuel up the truck for our next stop, wherever that is.

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