Wednesday, October 29, 2014

La Paz County Park

We have left the KOA at the Avi Casino and are now at La Paz County Park in Parker, AZ. We're gonna stay here 5 days as we like it here. Bella loves it here and has already been out in the trees climbing. The park is right on the Colorado River and sometimes the boats get noisy and it spooks her, but mostly she is OK. Before we left the KOA, Bella found a lizard. The "catch and release" cat hasn't lost her touch. At least this one didn't lose it's tail when she caught it........It was in the 90's when we got here and that was just too hot when ya have to set up your home. Bella was so hot. She doesn't do well in the heat. We'll be taking her out for night walks on the leash.

The two palm trees outside our rig. I just thought they looked cool.
On our way to the county park. Going across the Colorado River on I-40.
Went through Needles, CA this time, so after a few miles in California we're going back into Arizona.
Sometimes we drive south on CA 95, but this time we decided to go south on AZ 95 going through Lake Havasu City.
The turn off 95 heading to the county park.
Entrance to La Paz County Park.
We like parking in the big group area. We made sure that no big groups were coming this weekend so we'll mostly be alone except for maybe one or two other RV's, we hope.
There are some really cool and big trees for Bella to climb. I know we'll be spending alot of time around these trees.
The RV's in the background are in an RV park that is partly in front of the county park. On the other side of the RV's is the Colorado River. I think we're gonna get the quad out and drive around the park and will take some pictures of the river. We've been to this park about 7 or 8 times and this will be the first time we've taken the quad out so we can ride around the area. Wish Bella would ride on it.
Lots of room for Bella to go for walks and run.

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