Monday, October 06, 2014

Eugene Deerwood RV Park

Here we are in Deerwood RV Park in Eugene, Oregon. We've been here once before. Not a bad park except for the noisy road. LOTS of traffic! Bella walks on the leash here because we are parked in a long spot on a curve. The vehicles coming around this curve wouldn't ever see her as shes so small. Anyway, she likes it here even having to be on the leash. We're staying here two days so Dan can solder a wire that connects to the exhaust brake on the truck. We need the exhaust brake to work when we're going through the  Siskiyou Mountains. Sure don't wanna have a runaway truck and 5th wheel. He also has to clean the carbon out of the igniter of our fridge. A maintenance chore.

Our nice parking spot. Its a long spot so we don't have to unhook. We fueled up at a truck stop before we parked so we don't have to unhook and go find a gas station. We both like it when we can stay hooked up for a short one or two day stay.

Bella on her leash taking Dan for a walk. You can tell that its warm out as Dan is only wearing a t-shirt.
Bella chillin' on the little table outside our rig.
"I'm so pretty"
Lots of trees and green in this park.

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